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[NOTICE] Intern Recruiting! - Blaze - 04-23-2020

Hey all! We’re looking to add 1-2 more @Intern to the team! Applications can be posted here http://www.mapleorigin.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=17. Please provide the following:

1. In-Game name of your current character.
2. Specific knowledge of MapleStory that you can use to assist with ideas and future developments within the server.
3. List any prior private server skill sets / GM roles, denoting length of time and specifics of your position. 
4. Describe how you feel that you can most help MapleOrigin in any areas you think we may currently be lacking in. 
5. Amount of time and hours you would be available to be online. Please list time zone conversion in CST, as server is currently being managed in CST.

Experience as a community moderator is a huge plus  Smile

*If using prior GM experience in your application, please be as specific as possible as to the skill sets you maintain. If you are a coder, developer, gfx, or wz editor, supplying pieces of your individual work will assist in your application.

Good luck, and happy Mapling!