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[EVENT] Corona Fever! - Light - 04-13-2020

DURATION: NOW until 04/30

Uh oh, the Corona outbreak has reached MapleOrigin! Scavenge for some toilet paper rolls throughout the Maple World by killing monsters. Trade in your toilet paper to Kin at Noara's Hospital in Kernings for some sweet prizes, including a face mask!

[Image: b7977980c09d098e2fcbb6957f58b300-png.png]

:Available NX:
[Image: coma2.gif]
[Image: cofe1.gif]
[Image: coma1.gif]
[Image: cofe2.gif]
Remember to do your part by social distancing, WASH YO HANDS, avoid hoarding up resources, and checking up on your all your friends and family. Stay safe and have fun!
Wishing you all the best,

--- MapleOrigin Staff ---

RE: [EVENT] Corona Fever! - Arifkhan - 11-30-2020

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