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Dynamic EXP:
Level 1-10: 1x
Level 10-150: 6x
Level 150-200: 4x
Level 200-220: 3x
Level 220-240: 2x
Level 240-250: 1x
2x Meso
2x Drop


Fox Point Update! | Posted by Light on 10.25

Game Content Update 10/24

Patch Notes:

  • Added Vulpes Zone to the the live server!
  • Added Fox Point Village + All NPC's scripted
  • Added all new training areas for levels 10-40 and 170-220
  • All Fox Point Mobs level 190+ drop Clean Slate 3% Scrolls at an increased rate!
  • Players may access Fox Point Village via the @tele command or by locating Moonbeam in The Forest South of Ellinia map and using the portal located closest to her!
  • Moonbeam from Fox Point has a gift to celebrate the successful launch of Fox Point Village in MapleOrigin! Make sure to talk to her before the end of October 31st to receive this free goody!


Lower Fox Point: Levels 10 - 30+

Rate: 6x EXP

Mob Name: Caterpillar Mob Level: 13 Location: Eclipse Hill 1, Eclipse Hill 2 HP: 200 EXP: 138

Mob Name: Lady Bug Mob Level: 14 Location: Eclipse Hill 2, Eclipse Hill 3 HP: 225 EXP: 144

Mob Name: Sparrow Mob Level: 16 Location: Tear Rock Hill 1, Tear Rock Hill 2 HP: 275 EXP: 168

Mob Name: Balloon Mouse Mob Level: 18 Location: Tear Rock Hill 2, Tear Rock Hill 3 HP: 325 EXP: 192

Mob Name: Red Poison Frog Mob Level: 20 Location: Blossom Valley 1 HP: 375 EXP: 210

Mob Name: Green Poison Frog Mob Level: 20 Location: Blossom Valley 2 HP: 375 EXP: 210

Mob Name: Delinquent Chick Mob Level: 22 Location: Arumaru Valley 1 HP: 435 EXP: 234

Mob Name: Punk Chick Mob Level: 24 Location: Arumaru Valley 2 HP: 495 EXP: 252

Mob Name: Mane Fur Hyena Mob Level: 26 Location: Tail Valley 1 HP: 580 EXP: 282

Mob Name: Fang Hyena Mob Level: 28 Location: Tail Valley 2 HP: 720 EXP: 318


Upper Fox Point: Level 170+

--- Rate: 4x EXP

Mob Name: Sabbie Mob Level: 190 Location: Fox Tree Side Path HP: 200,000 EXP: 40,000 Special Drops: Gloves for Magic Att. (10%) ; Overall for INT (10%)

Mob Name: Spiney Puff Bush Mob Level: 192 Location: Fox Tree Side Path HP: 300,000 EXP: 60,000 Special Drops: Overall Armor for Luk (10%) ; Overall Armor for STR (60%) ; Shield for Weapon Att. (60%)

Mob Name: Snowy Stjartmes Mob Level: 195 Location: Fox Tree Midway 1, Fox Tree Midway 2 HP: 550,000 EXP: 120,000 Special Drops: Overall for STR (10%)

Mob Name: Stormy Stjartmes Mob Level: 210 Location: Fox Tree Midway 2, Fox Tree Midway 3 HP: 750,000 EXP: 160,000 Special Drops: Shield for Magic Att. (10%) ; Bow for ATT (30%) ; Pet Equip. for STR (60%)

Mob Name: Flutterbuzz Mob Level: 200 Location: Fox Tree Top Path, Fox Tree Top Path 2 HP: 400,000 EXP: 80,000 Special Drops: Pet Equip. for INT (60%)

Mob Name: Pom Puff Bush Mob Level: 202 Location: Fox Tree Top Path 2, Fox Tree Top Path 3 HP: 500,000 EXP: 100,000 Special Drops: Two-Handed Sword for ATT (10%)

Mob Name: Nettled Squirrel Mob Level: 205 Location: Fox Tree Lower Path, Fox Tree Lower Path 2 HP: 600,000 EXP: 120,000 Special Drops: Staff for Magic Att. (30%) ; Bow for ATT (10%) ; Pet Equip. for Dex (60%)

Mob Name: Vicious Squirrel Mob Level: 207 Location: Fox Tree Lower Path 2, Fox Tree Lower Path 3 HP: 700,000 EXP: 140,000 Special Drops: Spear for ATT (10%) ; Gloves for Magic Att. (60%)

Mob Name: Cloud Guardian Mob Level: 210 Location: Guardian Walkway, Guardian Walkway 2 HP: 700,000 EXP: 160,000 Special Drops: Overall Armor for Dex (10%) ; Shield for Magic Att. (60%) ; Pet Equip. For Luk (60%)

Mob Name: Wind Guardian Mob Level: 210 Location: Guardian Walkway 2, Guardian Walkway 3 HP: 800,000 EXP: 160,000 Special Drops: Shield for Weapon Att. (10%)

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Feedback: Neutral
Posted 4 months ago, on Nov 5, 2020

I tried to update and continue getting this error "End of Central Directory record could not be found." I have tried installing all of the Microsoft Visual C++ packages that Light suggested on the forum but still no luck also tried to redownload the entire zip file over and over still, can anyone help?