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Halloween Update | Posted by Light on 10.12

Halloween Game Update 10/11

- Halloween Themed FM
- Fixed autoban issue with Combo Tempest
- Fixed autoban issue with Body Pressure
- Improved overall damage calculations to account for everything
- Dragon's Blood will now leave you at 1HP instead of kill you when it ticks down
- Wind Walk now works properly for Wind Archers
- Dark Sight and Wind Walk now debuff even if you hit no target with your attack (allows your macro to be more consistent)
- Improved demolition animation by removing some of the endlag (overall duration is still the same, just most of that delay is moved to the middle/beginning of the skill)
- Increased Mage MP gained from gear from INT*.05 to INT *.075 (50% increase which will also be applied to existing mages)
- Dojo restriction of 30 levels removed for level 120+ players
- GPQ noob room is now < 120 instead of <= 30
- Perfect Pitch amounts from PQs increased:
 * LPQ/OPQ/MPQ(R&JPQ)=15-21
 * KPQ/EPQ=10-15
- Fixed Ludi PQ missing some NPCs
- Fixed Krexel Entry DC
- Increased event trophy drop rate by ~10%
- Demolition description fixed from 700 to 750 damage
- Brandish description fixed from 260 to 300 damage
- Beholder description fixed from +30 to +20 mastery
- Subani's Cauldron added to CWKPQ bonus chests
- Ssiws Cheese added to APQ bonus boxes
- New NX Gachapon Items in Wen and Nat NPC's
- New Chair Gachapon```

The patch is available via both the MapleOrigin Launcher and

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