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[Done] Tree Decoration Contest! | Posted by wendy on 12.09

Event is on Standby



Happy December, Maplers!


We’ll be holding a tree decoration contest from now until 12/26. Head to the FM and purchase some decorations to help you begin your decorating! Players may choose to decorate the tree in the FM, or the one accessed by talking to the Metal Bucket Snowman. There’ll be two winners (1st and 2nd place) for each category (no duplicates, 6 unique winners).  Post your submissions to #event-screenshots on our discord! Limited to one entry per person.



  1. Best Overall
  2. Most Creative
  3. Most Funny 

Rules & Tips

  • Submissions must be original You may decorate with other people, but the design may only be used by one of you. 
  • Feel free to use any in game items in your photos 
  • Usage of programs such as photoshop is permitted, but limited: try to keep most of your content from in-game

Submission Format

Screenshot (FULL CLIENT):



1st place: 600 Snow Piece + 3 NX Gachapon + 1 Deluxe Chair
2nd place: 400 Snow Piece + 2 NX Gachapon + 1 Deluxe Chair
Participation prize (given at the end to everyone who submits): 20k NX

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