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[Done] Spooktober! | Posted by Light on 10.12

Event is on Standby


DURATION: NOW until 11/10


The Witches of Origin have finally arrived and would like to share their arcane powers with you!  Collect Dark Token's from killing mobs throughout the world. Purchase and upgrade various Witch belts, 10% and 60% belt scrolls (at random, including a 1/9 chance for Witches Belt Chaos Scrolls), and exclusive event themed items! 

* Note: The Witch's Deep Purple Belt can only be scrolled with Witch's Belt Scroll. They have a 100% pass rate with a (+7/-7) range. 




There will also be an on-going Halloween Monster Haunt Event until November 10th. Witches, Cats, Jack-O-Lanterns and more will be spawning all across the Maple World at random times; with or without notice. Various amounts of Dark Tokens will drop from these monsters upon defeating them. 


Happy Hunting!

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